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New! Optronics Introduces Industry's First Custom Logo Stop, Tail, Turn Lamps... October 22, 2019

New! Optronics Brings Tough Multifunction LED Warning and Beacon Lamps... August 14, 2019

New! Kyle O’Dell Named Engineering Manager of Optronics International... April 23, 2019

New! Optronics’ Purilite Light-Shield LED Lamps Will Reduce Exposure to... February 26, 2019

New! Optronics Unveils New Website and New 2019 Vehicle Lighting Catalog... January 23, 2019

Optronics Introduces Unique Corner-Mount Interior LED Lamp... November 29, 2018

Connect-to-Protect Introduces Industry's First Trailer Harness... October 23, 2018

Optronics Receives Outstanding Performance Award... September 25, 2018

Optronics Expands LED Light Bar Family... June 26, 2018

New Directional Scene Light Aims a High-Intensity LED Beam Precisely... April 10, 2018

Two New Four-Inch Round LED Lamps with Reflective Mounting Flanges... February 20, 2018

Reflective Bezel and GloLight Technology Make Optronics' Surface-Mount... January 16, 2018

Optronics Expands Next-Gen LED Headlamp Series with 5x7 Lamp December 5, 2017

Optronics Unveils Family of Four-Inch Round Light Guide Lamps October 24, 2017

Optronics Expands Its LED SuperLamp Technology August 29, 2017

Optronics Introduces Three LED Light Bars May 23, 2017

Optronics Launches Bold New Merchandising Program February 14, 2017

Optronics Fusion Thinline is Industry's First Bar-Style Combo Light February 1, 2017

Optronics Reveals Stunningly Different Light Guide Optical Technology December 1, 2016

Optronics Releases Next-Gen Opti-Brite LED Headlamps October 25, 2016

Optronics Unveils Family of Nine Super-Premium LED Directional Warning LightsAugust 23, 2016

Optronics Introduces New Opti-Brite Wide-Angle LED Work Lamps May 10, 2016

Optronics Makes Surface-Mount Fusion LED Combination Stop, Tail, Turn and Backup Lamp 25 Percent Smaller, Adds Patent-Pending Technology February 24, 2016

Optronics Launches Bright Ideas Technical Training Program January 26, 2016

Optronics Publishes Comprehensive New 2016 Vehicle Lighting Catalog, Expands Its Lifetime Warranty Covering All LED Lamps January 14, 2016

Optronics Expands Single-Diode Line with ONE LED Back-Up Lamps November 17, 2015

Optronics Expands Miniature LED Work Lamp Line with Compact, Yet Powerful Opti-Brite TLL30FB Series; Reduces Prices on All LED Work Lamps by Up to 40 Percent and Covers All with Lifetime Warranty October 21, 2015

Optronics Unveils New Super-Lumen HD 500 SeriesAugust 25, 2015

Optronics Honored with Altec QCDS Award June 23, 2015

Optronics Named Exclusive Lighting Supplier for Collins Bus April 21, 2015

Optronics Presents Expanded Line of Fusion LED Combination Lamps March 2, 2015

Optronics Unveils LampLock Anti-Theft Lighting System at 2015 TMC February 15, 2015

Optronics Reveals New LED SuperLamp Technology at 2015 TMC February 15, 2015

 Optronics Expands Into Global Markets Through Strategic
Alliance with Dorian Drake January 27, 2015

Optronics Expands to New, Larger Facility in Goshen November 11, 2014

Optronics Launches New Content-Rich Website September 18, 2014

Optronics Raises Technological Bar and Lowers Unit Price Substantially
on GloLight Gen II LED Lamps August 5, 2014

Optronics Takes Panelite Millennium Series to Next Level
of Style with GloLight LED Lamp Technology — June 3, 2014

Optronics Launches "ONE" Series LED Lamps — March 18, 2014

Optronics Releases New 2014 Vehicle Lighting Catalog — March 11, 2014

Optronics Introduces "Combo Lamp" with Integrated Stop, Tail, Turn
and Back-Up Functions at 2014 work Truck Show — March 4, 2014

Optronics Creates New High-Style LED with GloLight Technology — August 6, 2013

Optronics Introduces Uni-Lite Lamp with GloLight Optronics
on Vanguard Trailers — March 20, 2013

Optronics Unveils Radically New GloLight Series — December 18, 2012