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USA Harness provides the finest electrical wiring harnesses to the heavy duty commercial vehicle industry. From tagalong trailers to heavy duty off-road and military applications, our harnessing components meet and exceed industry standards.

All USA Harness wiring systems are custom designed to fit your specific application. Modular plug together harnessing eliminates cut-to-fit installation and saves labor hours. All connectors are constructed of durable virgin vinyl molding compound. Female terminals receive dielectric grease as a corrosion preventative. Harness lamp ends can be constructed to mate with any common incandescent or L.E.D. lamps.


The USA-PLUS™ System has the most advanced molded harness connectorization available in the marketplace. Can accommodate up to ten separate circuits in one system. Extra circuits can be assigned to any function. Electrical integrity is enhanced by the use of terminals with greater contact surface area. Features integral interior "O-ring" style seal and secondary lock pin of contrasting color which assures complete sealing engagement. Keyed terminal orientation assures correct mating. The USA-PLUS™ harness system is field-proven with over ten years of service. (Patent No. US 6,319,039 and 10,014,631)

Light-Duty to Medium-Duty harness systems accommodating up to seven circuits. All connectors designed with alignment keys and integral sealing features. Also available are cut-to-fit leads with durable junction boxes.


Complete control systems and harnessing for your specialized power distribution needs. We design and manufacture for a variety of customers from armored couriers to yard spotting trucks and lift units.